Strength in Perseverance | Letters to Strong Women

Dear Luna,

You inspire me with your willingness to keep trying, even when things get really really difficult.

Your strength comes from your willingness to persevere.

You know things are difficult. You live your life ready for the next challenge. And yet you persevere.

Your children struggle. Your example of perseverance has permeated their little lives and I watch as they get the same look in their eyes that you do in yours – an absolute determination to get through whatever is thrown their way.

Your strength is in your perseverance.

You’re always willing to talk about the difficulties. You never pretend life is easier than it is. You face daily difficulty and opposition. Often times you face what many would consider failure.

But you pick yourself back up, dust off your knees, wipe away the tears and blood, and you persevere.

You know things will take longer than you want them to. You do them anyway.

You see the road ahead for what it is – bumpy and messy and anything but easy. You go on the road anyway.

You persevere.

You listen to others in the process. You help, you lift, you inspire. You’re always willing to figure things out. And by your willingness to do so, encourage others to also persevere.

You’ve led by example. You experience despair and heartache and frustration. You deal with those who are unkind and unwilling to compromise. You deal with rejection and fear and worry.

And yet you are strong. You are one of the strongest women I know.

Your strength comes in your perseverance.

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