Strength in Recognition | Letters to Strong Women

Dear Stephanie. 

You are an angel. 

I walked into your store not knowing that my soul was drained and empty. I knew my heart was heavy, but my soul? It was so battered I didn’t even recognize it anymore.

You probably walked into work today as though it was any other day. Not realizing that you might change a life, reinvigorate a soul. 

But that’s exactly what you did. 

You saw me. 

You walked with me.

You said words that matter to me.

Your soul recognized my soul. 

There’s strength in recognition and you today embodied that strength. I am forever grateful. 

You listened to the divine. You were quiet and still and listened to me. 

Despite the restrictions of a mask, you were able to see through my eyes into my soul and the strength within you recognized the strength within me. 

You embodied this concept of namaste: the Divinity in me recognizes the Divinity in you. 

You did that. 

Our shared divinity – our shared strength – brought us together today. 

In a few moments you quickly became one of the most influential people I have ever met. 

Because you were unafraid of your power – your strength – in recognizing the divinity within me.

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