Strength in Seeing | Letters to Strong Women

Dear Wilma,

Strong women lift each other in unique ways. We inspire and empower and teach each other, but there’s an important piece that starts each moment of lift.

Someone must be seen.

Your strength comes in the way you see others.

You never seek to help people the same way – it’s always unique because you see people. You see women for who they are.

I watch as you bring others into your fold, many who don’t know how to see. They don’t see people for who they truly are – they see people for who they want them to be.

I know, I know… it’s too many pronouns. Let me explain.

When I first met you, you didn’t see me. I was simply another face that was replaceable, interchangeable.

As time went on, you started to see me for who you thought I was. For who you thought I should be.

You were wrong. But so was I. Because I didn’t let myself be truly seen.

So as time passed, both of us lived off the assumption of the other. You assumed who I was, and I assumed who you were. We were partially right, and partially wrong.

As I changed, I started to allow myself to be seen – to fly under the radar less and less, and let my true self shine through. My whole self.

And you saw me.

It was shocking – you told me so. And I felt it, too. You had no idea what I was hiding… because I was hiding.

Once I allowed myself to be seen, you saw me. Truly saw me. Allowed me to be my whole self.

You strengthen me as you see me. And you see me for my strength – however that must show up.

You inspire others to slow down and see those around them. To see them for who they really are at their core. And you strengthen those who allow themselves to be seen.

Thanks for your patience as I learned the strength in being seen.

And thank you for seeing me, and so many like me. We need to be seen. There is strength in seeing.

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