Strength in Transformation  | Letters to Strong Women

Dear Dinah,

You discovered something few ever learn… There is strength in transformation.

It takes so much internal courage to transform something fundamental to you. Something at your core. It takes so much vulnerability and strength to look internally, sit with it, and decide if you are living in integrity.

Thank you for sharing your journey with me.

Your strength is admirable. You were willing to risk everything to live in integrity. To match your actions with who you were at your core. You were willing to change your mind and risk relationships and your own life in the process.

You trusted yourself in the transformation.

In making change, you’ve also given yourself (and so many others) permission to pause and listen to their inner voices.

You’re prioritizing learning. You’re listening to voices around you but also learning to listen to the voice within you.

You bravely stepped into a life that was unknown because you trusted your own transformation.

Your strength not only fueled your transformation, it was birthed from the change.

Your strength rose from your change like a phoenix from the ashes. It’s a common metaphor, but a powerful one.

You burned it all down and rose more powerful than ever before.

And now you’re giving others space and courage to do the same.

Thank you for your strength. Thank you for your change. Thank you for the glory of transformation.

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