Strength in Vulnerability | Letters to Strong Women

Dear Merina,

Your example of strength comes in your powerful ability to be vulnerable.

Our relationship hasn’t always been an easy one, though I think we both wanted to be closer from the beginning. Something about the series of events that crashed our worlds together made it seem like we should be instant friends, but our lived experiences made us both hesitant.

We tried, but not willingly, to figure out how to live peaceably. 

And yet.

It was difficult. So, so difficult.

So many tears were shed.

And then something magical happened.

You happened.

You decided to call it like you see it. You decided to take the first step and open the door to vulnerability.

Our first real conversation happened years after we were in each others’ lives. It was vulnerable and raw and beautiful.

And I’m SO grateful to you. I’m so grateful for your courage. Your strength. Your vulnerability.

Because of YOUR vulnerability, you gave me space to be my truest self.

Because of your vulnerability, my life changed.

Because of your vulnerability, we have a relationship that I am constantly grateful for.

And it’s opened up the door to a friendship I only imagined possible.

Your vulnerability gives space for future generations, too. To friends, to family, and to the kind of family you create.

Thank you for your vulnerability. Thank you for showing up raw and allowing me the space to show up vulnerable, too.

Your strength comes in your vulnerability. And your vulnerability lends itself to your strength.

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