Unstoppable Strength | Letters to Strong Women

Dear Theodosia,

You are strong. You are strong and fierce and capable of so much.

You’ve not been around on this earth for long, but already you understand the importance of knowing how your physical, mental, and emotional worlds work together.

I watch you as you allow yourself to feel things… Big things, small things, and everything in between.

You validate yourself. Give yourself permission to experience life in all its flavors.

And you understand an important concept: Two opposing things can dwell in the same space. You understand you can be terrified and courageous. Nervous and excited. Upset and fired up.

You also understand your body is trying hard, but doesn’t always show up how you want it to.

You’ve already learned – at such a young age – that your best today doesn’t mean your best tomorrow. And that its ok to accept today’s best.

You watch the strength of those around you and learn from them. 

But more importantly, you look within and learn from the strength found deep inside you.

You are kind, caring, compassionate, curious.

And you embody everything strength is and can be.

Your strength comes from deep within you. 

You strengthen others. You stand tall and determined. You are everything you can be and unafraid of growth.

Your strength lifts me. And empowers me to be strong so I can lift you too.

The thing I admire the most, though, is that you are unafraid to be strong for yourself. You’re willing and ready to show up for yourself with your own strength.

You’re unafraid to rely on others, too. You understand relying on others never diminishes your own strength. Relying on others simply joins your strength with theirs, and the power that emerges?


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