The Branding Guide Generator

Create a one page PDF that clearly defines your brand,
so no matter where you show up online,
your customers find the same version of YOU.

  • Your Business Details

  • Make sure it's written correctly - is everything capitalized the right way? Spaced correctly?
  • This is the logo that's on your letterhead or website!
    Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, pdf.
  • This is the logo you use for social media or the favicon on your website. It's typically square or circular.
    Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png.
  • Fonts & Colors

  • What's the main font you use in your business? If you have a website, this is the font you use in your header, or h1 tags.
  • What's the other font you use for your business? On your website, this is usually the font you use for paragraph text.
  • Choose the main color for your business. (Select your color, then hit "close" to save)
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  • Select the second main color for your business.
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  • Choose the third color you use in your business.
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  • Do you use accent colors for your business? Select the first accent color here.
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  • Select the second accent color here.
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  • Choose your last branding color here.
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  • Emotion

  • Ctrl-click to select each word. These are words that describe you and your business. (Don't choose more than 5 - you'll lose a sense of who you are when you try to be everything!)
  • Write 2-3 short phrases describing what your users should feel when they interact with you and your business.

    This is ALL about the users - not you.

    For example:
    Part of a community
    Like they have exclusive access
    Confident in their decision

  • As your users are visiting your website or interacting with your brand, what action do you hope they take? Should they schedule a consultation? Should they purchase your product? Should they download a freebie?
  • What kind of images should be used for your business?

    Upload up to 3 images that look like your brand feels. For example, if you're a fitness company you won't want images of people watching TV. Instead, you'll want images of people participating in physical activities. Pro tip: Visit sites like to source royalty-free images.
  • Your information