Self-Care & Simplicity – Reimagining Hustle With Lauren Winzar

My big takeaway:

Self-care can be what you’re already doing.

Lauren Winzar is a decluttering and organizing coach who lives the message she teaches. In this episode, Lauren opens my mind to a new idea of self-care, and she shares with us the idea of success in simplicity.

Links from the show:

Show Notes:

2:27 – When Lauren’s mom got sick, Lauren became the person responsible for cleaning out her house.

3:40 – Getting rid of excess first makes a huge difference

6:24 – Hitting a point when you’re ready for help happens suddenly

9:37 – Success is simple

11:44 – If I can make a good life for my kids, I can make a good life for me too

13:30 – What about guilt? Lauren says she doesn’t experience guilt

14:36 – It’s ok to chase your goals. It’s ok to have a life other than being mom

23:58 – Reimagined Hustle looks like making room for what matters

17:10 – When you feel like yourself and feel confident, that’s your self-care

22:00 – Being your own boss doesn’t have to mean sacrifice

26:06 – Pep talk!