Do It Afraid – Reimagining Hustle with Jen Jonassaint

My big takeaway:

Do it afraid!

Jen Jonassaint (of Jen Inspiring Coach) is a certified financial and life coach helping people gain control over their life and money so they can build the life they want, and a legacy over a lifetime. In this episode, we talk about mindset, values, and doing things even though they’re scary.

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Show Notes:

1:18 – Jen’s journey with money started at a young age

05:00 – Success = service

06:22 – Being a parent has changed Jen in an interesting way. It’s impacted her and her children as well.

09:36 – Even with a ton of mindset work, guilt happens all the time! Internal gymnastics is a real thing!

12:42 – There is so much unknown – it’s difficult to stand out on the water and acknowledge your own strength

14:10 – Get past the limiting beliefs and do it afraid

15:40 – Reimagined Hustle looks like narrowing down possibility and focusing on what your heart wants

18:44 – Pep talk! Be authentic with your needs.