Change Your Pace – Reimagining Hustle with Kate Boyle

My big takeaway:

Relax a little bit, and make the effort to move!

Passionate about holistic health and great movement, Kate owns and operates Mind and Movement Pilates, a Pilates and wellness studio in Melbourne, Australia. Having been an elite level dancer she gravitated to a career in health due to her love of movement and wanting to get a better understanding of nutrition to improve overall health and performance. 

During our conversation, Kate and I chat about transitioning a pilates business online, how having kids changes what success looks like, and how having a pace change in your life can actually be a good thing. 

Links from the show:

Show Notes:

1:00 – Kate’s path has been unconventional

4:23 – What’s the difference between pilates and yoga? Pilates is more focused on core strengthening.

5:34 – How do you transition a pilates business online?

7:10 – How do you know if you’re doing pilates right if you’re doing it online?

8:38 – Success looks like having health and happiness.

10:17 – Being a parent and an entrepreneur has changed the pace and focus within Kate’s life.

12:40 – Guilt shows up because there’s simply not enough time.

13:52 – This life can be super rewarding with lots of freedom!

16:45 – Reimagined Hustle looks like getting really clear on prioritizing.

18:06 – Pep talk!