Your Opulent Life – Reimagining Hustle with Dr. Stephanie Snyder

My big takeaway:

Show up as the person that you want to be so that your children have permission to show up as they want to be.

Dr. Stephanie Snyder is a Navy wife and mother to 4 beautiful children. She is the Founder and CEO of Overjoyed Moms and The Opulent Life, companies designed to teach moms how to thrive in life and business with ease. Through her simplified business methods, she teaches moms how to make the most of their time and resources while still being a present mom. When Stephanie isn’t running with her babies or growing her business she enjoys horseback riding and running marathons. 

In this episode, we chat about setting parameters on your time, listening to the messages from higher powers, and giving your kids permission to show up as themselves. 

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Show Notes:

 Roxanne: Podcasting from under my blankets. So it’s quiet enough to hear me. This is Reimagining Hustle, a podcast for entrepreneurial parents, creating a life or business and parenthood live peacefully in the same space. I’m your host, Roxanne Merket, a mom of two micro business coach and serial entrepreneur on a journey to prove that. It really is possible to do what you love. Without sacrificing all of your precious time. Let’s do this. Welcome back to re-imagining hustle. I can not wait for you to meet my guest today. I have Dr. Stephanie Snyder with me, Stephanie, how are you doing today?

 Dr Stephanie Snyder: I am doing fantastic today. How are you?

 Roxanne: really good. Really. I’ve been putting on a floor. We were chatting before. And so I feel like I’m covered in sweat, but it’s like my favorite way to be.

 Dr Stephanie Snyder: you’re fine. Yep.

 Roxanne: That’s awesome. That’s awesome. Stephanie, will  you just dive right in? Tell us about what it is you do and your journey to  get there.

 Dr Stephanie Snyder: Absolutely. So, uh, as she said,  I am Dr. Stephanie Snyder. I am not that kind of doctor. I’m not going to save somebody’s life medically. Um, but I do have my PhD in higher education. And so I. To sum it up quickly for people I’m really great at teaching. Um, I did a lot of formal education and now have my own business. So I am a Navy wife, my husband and I are celebrating 15 years this year and we have four children. Um, my son is 14, my daughters are 11, six and three. Uh, so they keep me very busy, but I, when I finished my PhD a few years ago,  Um, two weeks before baby  number  four was born. Um, I had all my friends saying, okay, well now you’re done with your PhD. What are you going to do next? And I wanted to slap all of them and be like, uh, I’m pregnant and I’m going to have a newborn. That’s the next thing. Um, but God, right, God knew that that wasn’t going to be enough. for me. And so I remember waking in the middle of the night. When she was about three weeks old, um, not w not waking because of her, like waking for some other reason, and God gifted me the vision. Um, you can call the divine universe to start my own business. And so, uh, I tried to ignore it for like a  solid month, like we tend to do, and it just kept showing up, like kept knocking on  my door. And so my first brand was the Overjoyed Mom. And I grew that brand to six figures in about 18 months. Uh, and that was me being a mom coach,  uh, helping moms basically get their  shit  together. I hope I can say that.

 Roxanne: you’re totally good. You can swear.

 Dr Stephanie Snyder: All right. Cool.  Um, so helping moms just kind of reclaim themselves in motherhood, uh, and then, because I was doing so well, people wanted to know how I was running my business. Around being a mom. And so I turned that into. Business coaching in a sense. Um, but then this time, last year I felt called to expand even further. And so the opulent life was born and this is more about your spiritual alignment, just getting into the right energy to create the life and business that you desire easily. And so it’s not  necessarily. Business and marketing. Although I do talk about  that, but I talk about it from a space of what do you like to do? What brings you joy? And when you show up in that space, then it becomes very easy to know what to do.  I hope that makes sense.

 Roxanne: It makes a lot of sense. And I I’m really inspired by this story  because I feel like so many of us as entrepreneurs, we do feel that call right, wherever that call comes from. And I love that you’re so open that like, God gave  you that call, right? That, that you listened to that, but we are so hesitant. It’s like  really. Are you sure.  Sure.

 Dr Stephanie Snyder: Are you really, really  sure. Like, and I God and I have a very great relationship and there.  are times where I’ve actually said, Hey, listen, you know how stubborn I am? So, if you want me to do this thing, you’re literally going to have to hit me with a Mack truck. Um,  unfortunately he has kind of taken that  literal

 Roxanne: I feel like there’s some story  there.

 Dr Stephanie Snyder: there is a story. So, um,  my youngest was born in August and in November. I was still like full on in the hustle and grind. Right? Like I was doing all the things to grow my business because I was just checking off a box. Right. And then in November, uh, I was in an ATV accident and I shattered my kneecap and very quickly I learned that there’s not a whole lot that  matters so much.

 Roxanne: Hm.

 Dr Stephanie Snyder: My head wasn’t injured. Nobody  was like defastaingly hurt. Yes. It took a long time for me to go to  P through PT. and the doctors told me that I would never actually walk normal again. Well, I’m happy to report 15 months later post-injury I ran my first  full marathon and I’m currently training for a triathlon.  So, you know, I  had to

 Roxanne: spirits, right? If somebody tells you I, yeah, I feel like you and I are kindred  spirits right here. This is awesome.

 Dr Stephanie Snyder: So, so part of that process though,  was it didn’t matter who did the thing or how it was done as long as it was done. Right. And I realized very quickly that, you know, part of my journey was surrender and giving up control. Um, and. I started this journey way back about seven or eight years ago when I was a laundry nazi. Um, and realize that I was, I hated looking at myself in the mirror because I was so obsessed with things being perfect and looking Pinterest. Perfect. And then I had stopped even communicating with myself.

 Roxanne: Hmm.

 Dr Stephanie Snyder: And so that was the start of the process, um, to give you a little backstory. Because I learned these things lessons, right? There’s like these big life moments that, that change, and they don’t seem super big, but the real trigger at the very beginning was, um, we had just come back from these in Italy for three years and my husband was immediately thrown into deployment cycles. So I went from full-time husband to, I saw my husband. 70 days out of the first calendar year that we were back stateside.

 Roxanne: Yeah.

 Dr Stephanie Snyder: And so I just busied myself because I didn’t know how to deal with that. I had to be the strong mom, Right. For my two little kids that we had. And so I just busied myself. I busy myself with laundry and with my PhD program and teaching classes and trying to grow a network marketing business. And I just ignored myself. And because I was ignoring myself, I started to hate myself and I’ll never forget one night I had reprimanded my son probably for just being a boy. And I didn’t, I don’t mean like I beat my son. Like I yelled at him and I was sending him to bed and he climbed up onto his head and he said to me, I should just disappear. Nobody loves me.

 Roxanne: Uh,  Uh

 Dr Stephanie Snyder: And it broke my heart, but he said the words that I was feeling, and it was in that moment that I realized I had to do this for my kids. I had to change my energy and the way that I felt about myself for my children, because my energy was impacting them. No, I had never said those words out loud. I thought I was doing this great job of, you know, keeping up the appearances. Right. But children are incredibly susceptible to their mother’s energy

 Roxanne: Hmm. Hmm.

 Dr Stephanie Snyder: they will pick up on what they see and what they feel, not what  they  hear. And so my  kids became my reason and that’s been my platform for a very long time is your kids  can be your excuse that  you don’t grow a business  and that you don’t do self care, or they can be  your reason for doing all of those  things because they’re watching you and you’re their role model.

 Roxanne: I feel you just dropped a mic right there for us, because it’s so true. Like how many moms need to know that? Like louder for the people in the back please. That’s oh, so Stephanie, what does success look like to you then as you’ve gone through all of these changes  and all of these  lessons, how do you  define success?  [00:09:00] How do you define success?

 Dr Stephanie Snyder: So it changes  sometimes daily. Um, but it changes. It changes because I know that when I  feel successful, I bring more success to me. And when I was learning that  lesson, I had to make success so  easy that I couldn’t not hit it. And it was a terrible,  double negative, but you. know what I meant I needed it for the emphasis. Yeah, And so at the beginning, my success was, it, it  wasn’t based on something external, right.  Because You  can’t control a whole lot externally. Right.  Really none

 Roxanne: really? Nothing. Yeah.

 Dr Stephanie Snyder: Yeah.  And so I had to focus on success that  I could control. And so some days it was simply making my bed

 Roxanne: Hmm

 Dr Stephanie Snyder: other days it was, and all the children  are alive.

 Roxanne: Yes.

 Dr Stephanie Snyder: Right.  Like,

 Roxanne: big

 Dr Stephanie Snyder: all been fed, right?  We’ve all been fed. We didn’t go to the ER. Right. Like everybody is alive and healthy. And when I started to  kind of snowball that success, then I got to  expand it and go, okay, well now how do I feel successful in my business.  Well, I had a lot of fun that day, right? Maybe I signed up a client, maybe I didn’t, but because I was basing my success on something that I could control success just snowballed and it got bigger and bigger and bigger.

 Roxanne: What a great definition of success too. I feel  like as a military, I didn’t realize you were a military spouse. I also  am a military spouse. So that’s extra  fun. Well, we will definitely bond over that after the recording is done, I guarantee you so sorry, listeners. You  don’t get to hear that, but, um, but I feel like as a military spouse, especially you ha like you have no idea what the day might hold, right? No idea. And so to define success just as a feeling, rather than. A goal to hit or something like that is such a great way to define it.  That’s one I actually haven’t heard before. So I appreciate you sharing that with us. That’s  really fun.

 Dr Stephanie Snyder: absolutely. Yeah. So, and that’s the easiest way, because as much as, and I actually. I was reflecting on this this morning. Um, there’s a lot of people who say, well, only work when you feel like it, right? Because you’re, you’re, it’s your business. And you want to feel good when you’re working your business. But the truth is you get to decide how you feel throughout the day.

 Roxanne: Mm.

 Dr Stephanie Snyder: And so you can decide and you can sit there and be pissed off. Right? Like I sat in pissed off feelings last night because my husband made some terrible look about the outfit that I had on. And I felt fabulous. And he was like, you look like you have no clothes on. And I was like, well, I work really hard for this body. I’m going to flaunt it. And he was like, I think that’s a bra and  not a shirt. And I sat in those pissed off feelings for about 20 minutes, maybe even half hour,  because I was so pissed.

 Roxanne: yeah. Oh

 Dr Stephanie Snyder: But we were meeting up with some friends and so in the car had it just been him and I would’ve been like, screw you I’m going to bed.

 Roxanne: Yup. Yeah.

 Dr Stephanie Snyder: But we were meeting up with some friends and in the car, I did some breathing exercises and I re grounded myself and I took my power back because I wanted to feel great, even though he poo-pooed that outfit and the next one and the next one and the next one. So it’s not that I don’t pick out outfits quickly. It’s that my husband poo-poos them  regularly,  but it was a choice to feel pissed off.  And it’s a choice to feel inspired and excited about your business. And it’s a choice to feel like you don’t really want to do. Right. If you are focused on an income goal and you base it solely on, you know, how much work you do that day is based off of how you feel in the morning. You’re not going to reach that goal.

 Roxanne: no. Nope.

 Dr Stephanie Snyder: Because human nature will come in and you’ll be like, oh, well, it’s raining today. I think I’m just going to Netflix  and binge all day. Right. But if you’re excited about the work that you do, then you can lay there. And this is what, this is an exercise I do every morning. I refuse to get out of bed until there’s  something that I’m excited  about that day.

 Roxanne: Oh,  that’s cool.

 Dr Stephanie Snyder: I lay there and I’ll go, okay, what do I have going  on today? And I’ll go through the list and I’ll be like, oh, well, I don’t really want to do that. And I don’t really want to  do that, but I’m really excited about whatever it  is, right? Like today, Fridays are my pleasure days. I don’t  schedule any coaching calls. And so today I was really excited to I’m training for a triathlon. So I was really excited to go for my long bike ride. Followed by a run, it’s  called a brick workout. We don’t  suggest it. It’s not for the  light, the faint of heart.

 Roxanne: if you’re training for a triathlon. Yeah.

 Dr Stephanie Snyder: Right. It kicks your ass. But  last week when I did it, I ran a sub eight minute mile  following my bike ride. And so today I was  like, oh, I’m going to do my bike ride. And I’m going to go for  even a faster pace post mile. Right now I was a runner growing up. And so sub-eight.  Stupid little compared to what I  used to run, but post knee  surgery, this

 Roxanne: thrilled with a sub-eight I would be thrilled with a sub 10 minute mile.

 Dr Stephanie Snyder: Right. So I do my 20 mile  bike ride. I changed my shoes. I’m getting ready to run. And I’m looking at my watch, which is telling me my pace. And I’m like, oh, eight minutes. Oh, I’m going to push it. Because when you get off a bike and you go into running mode, you can’t really feel  your  legs.

 Roxanne: I believe that.

 Dr Stephanie Snyder: And so your brain’s not registering the pain of your legs because you can’t really feel them. So I was like, well, let’s just push  it. I ran a 7 35 minute mile  this morning  and I was like, holy crap. I did  it sub eight. You  can kiss my ass, right. Like psyched. But that’s how I start my day. What am I excited  about that  day?  Because that sets the tone for the day.

 Roxanne: Yeah. What a great practice I’m going to have to start trying that  one. That’s a really fun idea,

 Dr Stephanie Snyder: Yes. Well, if it’s not fun, why would you do it? Why wouldn’t you? Yeah,

 Roxanne: Oh, what

 Dr Stephanie Snyder: has to be fun.

 Roxanne: Yes. Yes.

 Dr Stephanie Snyder: Thus, the overjoyed mom as the first brand,

 Roxanne: See, I’m here for it. I’m totally here for it. Oh, Stephanie, this is so fun. Okay. Can we shift a little bit and  talk about parenting through like everything else? Because that adds like a whole new  layer

 Dr Stephanie Snyder: Whole  nother layer.

 Roxanne: So I want another, how has being a parent during this journey of  entrepreneurship and getting your PhD and being a military spouse and all of this, like all of  those things, that’s a lot. And then you throw  being a parent on top of it. How has this changed you as an individual?  [00:16:08] How has being a parent changed you?

 Dr Stephanie Snyder: Uh, I mean every day it  changes me, but the thing is I allow my children  to  teach me.

 Roxanne: Say more

 Dr Stephanie Snyder: So I’m,  so I’m one of those parents where like, if my kid  literally smacks me in the face with total bluntness I’ll receive it and go shit. Right. Like, I won’t actually say that to my kids, but like prime example, one afternoon, this was probably about five years ago. My oldest daughter was on the other side of my computer. I had a really big desk a couple of years ago when I was working on my PhD. And she was on the other side and I was checking my email  again for the 40th time that? day. And she said, um, mum, why are you always on your  computer? And I  went, oh shit. And so I realized I wasn’t on my computer for any particular reason, but my kids saw me on my computer all the time. And so I then had to go over. I’m not working  when my children are home. And for the most part, I don’t work.  The second they get home from school, Right, Like afterschool activities usually  take up my entire afternoon and evening that I don’t do any work. I do all my content stuff beforehand. I might be on my phone for about five minutes to post something in the evening if I want to but, or to take their pictures. right. Cause I’m  always  taking pictures of

 Roxanne: Oh yeah. You got to

 Dr Stephanie Snyder: but I’m not right. I’m not working.

 Roxanne: Yeah.

 Dr Stephanie Snyder: my phone.  And so that was a big one. So I let them teach me. Right. And my three kids, you saw her come up here before we started recording. She is my greatest teacher for the  feminine.

 Roxanne: Uh,

 Dr Stephanie Snyder: of work with the feminine and masculine energies, but she is raging feminine in her  entirety.

 Roxanne: Hmm.

 Dr Stephanie Snyder: she feels all the feels and she lets you know how she’s feeling those feels. But what’s incredible is like the other yesterday she was eating  cucumbers and I was sitting at  the kitchen table  watching her eat these cucumbers and she goes, Hmm, this  feels so yummy. And I was like, oh my God, like, she just soaks up every experience into her body and I’m like, okay, well I need to be more like my three-year-old.

 Roxanne: Yes. Yes. What a great observation too, to feel that I feel like we could all use a little bit more childlike energy and enthusiasm in our life, but even over cucumbers. How cute

 Dr Stephanie Snyder: I know. It’s just like, oh, this feels so good. And I was like, it feels good. Why doesn’t it tastes good, but she was like, it feels so good. And instantly I was like, well, my body loves greens too so I  can understand why she’s saying it feels good. Right. So it’s just, it’s incredible to let them teach you even in their  bluntness.

 Roxanne: Um, do you ever experience guilt with these wonderful babies of  yours?  [00:19:19] What about guilt?

 Dr Stephanie Snyder: So I used to have a lot of mom guilt. Used to like, it would plague me and I would feel terrible about sitting on the couch and watching TV, something that I wanted to watch, because I felt like I should be doing something for my kids. But the truth of the matter is I am present with my children a lot that I don’t feel guilty days like today, where I did my triathlon training. And then I went golfing with some girlfriends  and my kids got in the car after school and they were like, Hey mom, did you do this? Hey mom, did you do that? Hey mom, did you go grocery shopping? And I was like, no, I did nothing for you guys today, but I picked you up from school and we’re going to hang out this evening and it’s going to be great. And I could feel really guilty that I didn’t do  their list of things,  but they didn’t have to get done today.

 Roxanne: Hmm.

 Dr Stephanie Snyder: I’m not Amazon prime. I’m not just going to show up and do it. The second they asked, because they sure as heck don’t do it. The second I ask them.

 Roxanne: Very accurate.

 Dr Stephanie Snyder: But part of this is about how do we communicate  with our kids, Right. Like I want my children to know that they’re  loved and supported  regardless. and so  part of this entrepreneurial process has taught  me what their love languages are

 Roxanne: Hmm.

 Dr Stephanie Snyder: because I did some work on what my love language was, because the truth is if you don’t feel loved and appreciated, it may be because someone who loves you doesn’t know how you  receive love.

 Roxanne: Such an important, like if you have not, the Gary Chapman does the five love languages. If you’ve not looked that up, look it up. And he  does one for kids too, which is really

 Dr Stephanie Snyder: He does do one for kids. Yeah. He does one for military as well.  for the deployments. I think he’s got another book for that too. Yeah. So, but that’s really important because if you’re not feeling loved, it may just be because someone doesn’t know how you communicate love.  My husband has a very different love language than I do, right? Like mine is  touch and quality time and like acts the services. It varies.  Like if I go through all five of them periodically, but his, his, his like, you know, quality time and quality time to him is sitting on the couch, watching TV to me.  That’s like,  no, no, no. no. Like I need to

 Roxanne: Quality time with you not with a

 Dr Stephanie Snyder: Yeah. So not with the television, but that’s quality time for him.

 Roxanne: Yeah.

 Dr Stephanie Snyder: And then each of my kids have their own love language, and that’s interesting to navigate, right? Because  you’re like, oh my God, what do I do?

 Roxanne: Yup.  Yup.

 Dr Stephanie Snyder: But what it’s done is it’s allowed me to teach them how to show  up differently in the world. Right. Because. Education is teaching them something  very different than the spiritual side  that I’m trying to teach them. Um, and it’s, it’s navigating that without being like, no, you’re wrong and you’re wrong and that’s wrong, right? It’s oh, well, that’s just a different way to look at.

 Roxanne: What a great perspective too. Stephanie. You mentioned a little bit ago that you, when you first started  your businesses, you were kind of in  hustle-mode. And things shifted for you. And so I want to ask you. a question about the name of this podcast, which is  re-imagining hustle. And I’ll give you a little background to this question. So when I started my entrepreneurial journey, I was not a parent and I loved hustle culture. I lived it, I breathed it. I felt it at my core. It was that, go, go, go, hustle, hustle, hustle, you stop business stops. So you just keep going, you know?  And then I had my first child and my whole world stopped.

 Dr Stephanie Snyder: It’s incredible how they do that.

 Roxanne: oh, just like instantaneously. And so I’ve been on this quest to reimagine what hustle looks like since  then. So I would love to know how do you reimagine hustle? [00:23:20] How do you reimagine hustle?

 Dr Stephanie Snyder: all right. So for me, when I first started overjoyed moms, my, the people I looked up to and my mentor, they had no children. And so they could dedicate 40, 60, 80 hours a week to growing their business. They didn’t have any other kids, like they didn’t have children tugging on them. And so when I actually first started, I was convinced that I was never going to be successful in my business because I didn’t have that many hours a week.

 Roxanne: Uh, Ah,

 Dr Stephanie Snyder: And then my mentor challenged me on that because I working on my PhD and my graduate work. I could only do that work when my kids were napping.

 Roxanne: Yeah.

 Dr Stephanie Snyder: And so when I finished my PhD, I still had babies napping. Some of them were in school and some of them were babies napping. And she said, well, you’re really efficient with your time. Why don’t you share some tips with us? And we were on a group call and I started rattling some stuff off. And I started to watch all these women take notes down  and she said, see, that’s  your superpower.

 Roxanne: Um,

 Dr Stephanie Snyder: so how many hours  do you want to  work? And I was like, oh, I see what we’re doing here. Okay. So this is one of those questions that I usually ask my clients right out of the gate. How many hours do you want to work? And without fail, they’ll say, oh, well, 30 to  40. No, no, no, not how many hours do  you think you  need  to work?

 Roxanne: Or are you supposed  to.

 Dr Stephanie Snyder: Right. Great. How many hours do you want  to  work? And then they go, oh, well, I really only want to work like 15 to 20. Okay. Then start there. Don’t start working 15 to 20 hours after you’re making six figures, because then that’s going to. feel really unproductive to you. And it’s going to be a difficult habit to break you. Start. Now as your business.  And so for me, I looked at my schedule and I said, okay, I have 20 hours of nap time. Right? When two of the babies were napping, Monday through Friday, I refuse to work the weekends, we just, the kids are all home. I get distracted, they need something when I’m in the middle of something and it just, it’s not worth it. And so I don’t even do it on the weekends, but Monday through Friday I had 20 hours of naptime. Right. I knew that during that time I needed to clean the house. I had to go grocery shopping every other week, whatever it was. Right. And do laundry and keep up on those other things. So based off of that schedule, I said, okay, well I need two hours to clean the house. I need to take this time out for grocery shopping or other kinds of errands. And quite frankly, that leaves me with 16 hours. Do I want to work all 16 hours? No. I want to do something for me during at least one of those nap times so that I can recharge my own battery and I’m not working ad nauseum. Right. And so ultimately I got it down to about 12 hours of working time. And then I said, okay, in these 12 hours, what are the things that I have to do to grow my business? And when you boil it all down, there are really only a couple things you have to do to grow your business. Get it visible on social media or whatever platform it is, right. It doesn’t matter where you are. Somebody needs to see who you are and what you’re doing. Number one, number two. You have to have space for your clients. So from that 12 hours, five of it, I set aside for marketing. So that included creating content that included, you know, my podcasts, my written posts, Um, for a little while I was doing discovery calls and I considered that my marketing as well. So that left me with seven hours that I could dedicate to working with my clients.  And so I said, okay, well, these are the times I have available to work with my clients. And guess what happens when you only have those times to work with your clients, your clients show up at those times  because they want to work with you. And so that was the model that I used to grow my business because when I sat down and it was my hour to market on that Monday, that’s all I was working on.

 Roxanne: Um,

 Dr Stephanie Snyder: I wasn’t Facebook scrolling. I wasn’t sitting here thinking  about, oh, well, what kind of font do I want? And  then like, I made it so simple that I couldn’t have an excuse to not do it. And on the days that I was really pressed, I would lock  myself in the bathroom for five minutes and create some  kind of content.

 Roxanne: Yes. Yes. The truth right there.

 Dr Stephanie Snyder: Right. But what I did in that  schedule was I on Fridays where my day, where I had no client calls, I didn’t have any business related things to do. But Friday morning was my catch-up day. So had there been an incident and the kids I had to reschedule  something or whatever, Friday morning nap time  was my  catch-up time. Friday afternoon nap time was just for me. I got to do whatever I want.  Of course in the house. right. Unless I hired a  babysitter,

 Roxanne: right, right.

 Dr Stephanie Snyder: but whatever it was that I wanted, I got to do guilt free Friday afternoon  because I had done all the other things already.

 Roxanne: I feel like you’ve just blown my mind and I need to restructure my entire life right now. And like, I think it’s gonna be worth it.

 Dr Stephanie Snyder: yes. Yes. Well, and the thing is right. If you start off with that  kind of schedule saying, okay, I’m only  working 20 hours a week. Then you can actually  charge the money that you want to charge because you’re only working 20 hours a week.  Right. Which is what so many. So many people are like, I I’ll never forget. I had this one client, she was growing a network marketing company and I said, okay, how many hours a day are you.  And she was like, well,  12 to  13.

 Roxanne: Per day.

 Dr Stephanie Snyder: And I said, what? And she said, yeah, I’m on my phone a lot. I’ve got a  team and I’m constantly answering questions and I’m checking in on them. And I said, well, how much are you making? And she was making less than a thousand dollars a month. And so I did simple math for her, and I said, you are literally making pennies and.  Penny’s an hour and she went, oh,  but aren’t you supposed to hustle in the beginning? Beginning, Right. Like that’s what I hear a lot. Aren’t I supposed to just crush it in the beginning? No, no. because what happens is if you go in with that mentality where you’re working 60, 80 hours a week and getting paid nothing, then your mind goes, well, I can’t keep this up and hit 1,000. There aren’t enough hours in the day.

 Roxanne: Right.

 Dr Stephanie Snyder: when the beginning of my business, when I didn’t have client calls, you know what I did during that time, I improved my skills. I listened to podcasts. I, you know, maybe worked on some graphic design. I made myself better during that time,  because I didn’t want to do something else  that was going to take away from that time. Like. And some days, if I was really calling in a client, I would just sit there and think  about the client I wanted to work with. I would spend the whole hour thinking about how excited I was to work with that client. And then guess  what that client would show up in book on that  day,  surprise surprise.

 Roxanne: no. Right. Who knew?  Wow.

 Dr Stephanie Snyder: But what we did with  this client, once I showed her how much she was actually making, I said, listen tomorrow. You’re only allowed to work two hours and she went, well, I can’t do that all in two hours. Oh. But she can, you can do an hour in the morning. You could do an hour in the afternoon, but that’s it. You cannot literally set a timer on your phone. You can only work one hour in the morning, one in the afternoon, two hours total. Right. Whatever it is. I said the rest of the day is going to feel incredibly unproductive for you. Incredibly unproductive. I said, but you need that space in order to bring in clients, because right now you don’t have the space to support a client. You just don’t have it. And so I checked in with her the next day.  And she was like, oh my God, the day was so unproductive, but she’s like, I got to watch Hamilton with my daughter. And I checked in with my team. I only worked two hours and we baked in the kitchen and she had all these other things that she got to do. And then that night she received five  clients

 Roxanne: wow.

 Dr Stephanie Snyder: simply from making the space. She wasn’t working any harder, but she allowed them to come in because she had the space for them. And that’s one of the principles that I teach. You have to have the space for the thing that you want. Right. If you and I talked about this the other day in my Facebook group, if you want a gorgeous new pair of shoes, but your closet is chock-full and there’s No. room for those  shoes, those shoes aren’t coming.

 Roxanne: No.

 Dr Stephanie Snyder: They’re just, you’re going to look at, you’re going to want to buy them. And then you’re going to look in your closet and go, well, I don’t know where to put them.  And so you’ve got to make the space for the thing, right? This is people do this at the beginning of the year, not knowing that this is what they’re actually doing, but new year’s resolutions, right? The end of the year after Christmas, how many of us purge our  closets,

 Roxanne: my word every year, every year.

 Dr Stephanie Snyder: all the things, right. We get rid of all the stuff we just purge. But what we’re doing innately is making space for the new year to come in with all the new things.

 Roxanne: Um,

 Dr Stephanie Snyder: And we do it habitually  because that’s what we saw our parents do. Right. But we’re actually making space for  all of the new things to come in in the new year, by doing that kind of purging.

 Roxanne: Hmm.

 Dr Stephanie Snyder: If you do it with some more intention, then you really get the stuff that you  want. Right.

 Roxanne: Yeah.  Yeah.

 Dr Stephanie Snyder: that’s what you do. You have to clear  the space for that thing to come in. Otherwise  it’s not going to come into that.

 Roxanne: Um, Um, Stephanie, Stephanie, I appreciate your wisdom. And like I said, I’m just like, you’re making my mind just spin  in the

 Dr Stephanie Snyder: I love  it.

 Roxanne: okay. Okay. We’re going to do we’re going to  do some different things around these parts here. It’s going to be really really good. Oh, okay. Before we find out where we can find you online, and I feel like you’ve done this, like. but I’m going to ask you very specifically, will you give us a pep talk for other parents who are also  on this entrepreneur journey and just feeling like they can’t even get through  another day? Will you give us a pep talk.  [00:34:37] Pep Talk!

 Dr Stephanie Snyder: Absolutely. Absolutely. So pep talk. Okay. So here’s the deal at the end of the day. It doesn’t matter what you’ve accomplished in the masculine sense. If you feel great about your day, celebrate it, sit on the couch with your kids, give them a hug, check out of social media and just be present with your children because the truth of the matter is you are growing your business for them. In some aspect, right? Whether it’s to spend more time with them, whether it’s so they don’t have to pay for college, whatever it is, you’ve been given this business because of your children. So include them, bring them along in the journey. Right? Like my kids, it’s funny when, when people ask, um, my kids, what I do, because they don’t really know, but they’re like, well, she just makes money helping people. Right. that’s cool. I want my kids to, to know that, right. And they listened to these conversations. They eavesdrop, so they pick up on it.  But the truth is you need to show up as the person that you want to be so that your children have permission to show up as they want to be.

 Roxanne: Um, Again, mic drops. I did not have enough microphones for you today. That is all there is to it. Stephanie, you are glorious and wonderful. And I just like, I want to be your best friend and all of the things. So  tell us, where can we find you online? We need more of you. Where  can we get you?

 Dr Stephanie Snyder: Perfect. So if you go to my website,, you? can get to my Facebook, my instant, my podcast, my Facebook group, all the things you can access. And if you are on Facebook, you can join my brand new Facebook group called the opulent life. Queendom.

 Roxanne: Yes,

 Dr Stephanie Snyder: Yes, this was the middle of the night name that came to me. Um, I use my  subconscious at night, the dream state to bring me all  these kinds of juicy ideas. And queendom not a kingdom because there’s a whole bunch of amazing women in the group. Uh, but it’s brand new. So it’s still very intimate. And I like it that way because shoot, we need to surround ourselves with people who want to be there. Right.

 Roxanne: true. So

 Dr Stephanie Snyder: Um, so the, the opulent life queendom is a  place  where you can hang.

 Roxanne: Awesome. And we’ll make sure we link everything in the  show notes.  Stephanie, this has been like the best way to spend my  Friday afternoon. So thank you for giving me the gift of your time. Thank your kids as well for, I know that they’re I  see their  cute little heads poking until I tell them. Thank you as well. And I just, I’m so grateful  to you. Thank you.

 Dr Stephanie Snyder: You’re welcome. It was my pleasure. I love connecting with people this way. So.

 Roxanne: That’s awesome.  Thanks for listening to Reimagining Hustle with Roxanne Merket. If you like the show and want more, check out and please leave a review wherever you get your podcasts. We’ll be back next week with another episode. See you soon.