Moments of defeat|brilliance

r.nial.bradshaw/Foter/CC BY Today I experienced a total moment of defeat. You know the kind – you can’t figure it out, your mind starts having an inner dialogue during which you beat yourself to the ground because you should be smarter than you just attempted to demonstrate… It got pretty ugly inside my head. And I was […]


Do you ever find yourself in need of a pep-talk, but you’re not sure who would give it perfectly? No one really knows what you’re experiencing, no one understands you better than you understand yourself, so there is no one who is really just right to give you a pep-talk. Except yourself. I’m in need […]


Speaking on principles of inertia: That which is in motion stays in motion. That which is stationary is resistant to change. I have felt so in my life. I feel as though I have not been able to do anything about my current situation the last 6 weeks or so. Now I feel like I […]