Do you ever find yourself in need of a pep-talk, but you’re not sure who would give it perfectly? No one really knows what you’re experiencing, no one understands you better than you understand yourself, so there is no one who is really just right to give you a pep-talk.

Except yourself.

I’m in need of a pep-talk. Someone with the understanding that I’m totally imperfect and am fully aware that what I’m feeling is ridiculous. Despite knowing that, though, they won’t treat me any less than I really am.

I’m in need of a pep-talk from someone who knows that I’m trying. I’m trying really hard, in fact, and it’s HARD! It’s uncomfortable and difficult and almost irritating but it’s still happening. I’m trying to figure it out, but the negative thoughts get in the way.

I’m in need of a pep-talk from someone who will tell me to just suck it up while simultaneously listening to everything I have to say, even when it makes no sense.

I’m in need of a pep-talk from me.

Here goes…

Suck it up, Roxy. You’re doing great, you’re doing well, and it’s still hard. It’s hard to do what you feel is right even when you know it’s the best thing for you. It’s easy to get caught up in the emotion of everyone else, to assume what you see is all there is, and to jump – really quickly – to conclusions. It’s easy to examine decisions based on your own lens, not others’. It’s hard to be patient and supportive when you don’t understand. It’s hard to smile sometimes. It’s hard to be disciplined. It’s hard to practice. It’s hard to be patient. No one ever said it was easy. You’re acting ridiculous, but you’re trying. Keep trying. Try harder. Figure it out. Don’t distract yourself from the hard mental work. Do what you know you should. Be more organized. Be more disciplined. Keep trying, though. Suck it up, but keep working. Trust yourself. Trust your decisions and your pathway. You’re doing good, you just have to keep pushing. It’s still uphill, even if the angle isn’t as steep. Be kind. Don’t impose your pathway on anyone else. Trust in your decisions. Trust your friends and family that they are also making their best decisions. Keep working. Keep trying. Stay focused, and move forward knowing you’re doing your best. Love those around you. Love those you’ve never met. Trust your gut, trust your heart, and suck it up.

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