Frozen 2’s “Into The Unknown” is the Entrepreneur’s Anthem

We went to see Frozen 2 last week. It was amazing. And let me just promise right now: no spoilers to follow. Frozen 2 was fantastic. I didn’t think I’d love it. I didn’t think I’d like it.  But I did. It was phenomenal.  The storyline was great. The characters were great. And yes, there […]

The importance of a beginner’s mindset

Don’t expect perfection of yourself.
But demand progress. Demand growth. Demand learning.
Your goals, whatever they may be, are actually quite achievable.
You’ve just got to start as a beginner.

8 Lessons from an 88 Hour Adventure

Find your happy place

We just got back from a whirlwind adventure.  88 hours driveway to driveway.  We covered over 1500 miles.  We crammed 6 of us (me, hubby, 2 kids, sister, and sister’s boyfriend) into our car with all our stuff and headed on the road.  It was intense. And it was so much fun.  But it wasn’t […]

Sit down and do the thing

Have you ever had a dream? And yes, we can go full Tangled here if you’d like. Seriously, though. Are you sitting on some idea and you’re just afraid to start? Or you’re not afraid but you are… planning? And overthinking? And hesitating? And stalling? And… Well, you get the idea. Something you’re dying to […]