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The World Needs Strong Women

Someone close to me recently posted a meme that I think(?!?) was supposed to be uplifting and supportive of Stay-At-Home-Moms…

Here’s the thing… It wasn’t. It wasn’t supportive or uplifting or encouraging at all. In fact, it encouraged women to turn a blind eye to the world around them and just focus on taking care of the other humans that live with them.

The meme was so misogynistic I couldn’t even handle myself. It infuriated me. It triggered something within me that has been brewing for years.

I hit a point where I realized I’m not only not willing to tolerate misogyny, I need to do something to actively speak in favor of strong women.

Supporting strong women has long been my underlying purpose. My why. But my business is shifting in a big way to more intentionally and proactively support strong women.

We’re not meant to walk alone. We’re strong women who need strong women.

We don’t need weak, entitled, judgmental women. There’s no place for that here.

We need strong women. We need empathic women. We need compassionate and kind and courageous and ferocious women. 

We need women like YOU. You’re one of the strong ones, after all.

We need to show our daughters and our sons what strong women can do. What strong women are doing.

Strong women lead.

Strong women empower.

Strong women are changing the world.

And we’re doing it while being mothers and wives and lovers and spouses and caregivers and daughters and sisters and friends.

Strong women need strong women.

Strong women empower and encourage other women to find their inner strength.

We’re in this together. We’re in this to discover ourselves. And to allow others the permission, space, grace, and safety to discover themselves.

My purpose on this planet is to inspire strong women to emerge from their hiding spots. 

Strong women need strong women. 

We need each other. We lift each other.

Strong women recognize the strength in others. They cannot deny the strength of women.

Strength is not always quiet. It’s not always what we’d expect. 

It’s strength, however strength shows up.

I’m on a mission to help women discover their strength. Not their strengths, but their strength. Their power. 

Your power.

We step into our power when we listen to our internal self calling. And when we respond with space and grace.

We step into our power when we own our strengths and DO the thing.

I’m not gonna lie… I haven’t always loved being a woman. In fact, I’ve often hated it. Until I recognized that “woman” didn’t always mean a cultural stereotype. “Woman” meant love and lift and passion and power and determination and strength.

We need strong women. We need you to be exactly who YOU ARE.

It’s scary to be yourself. What if you’re rejected? What if someone decides you’re not worthy? 

Screw ‘em. They don’t matter to you. YOU matter.

Be YOU. Unapologetically you. Authentically you. ONLY you.

Find your people.

Find your strong women. 

BE a strong woman. Empower others to do the same. Encourage people to show up as they are. 

Embrace the strength within you. 

Find women who fill you up. 

Surround yourself with them.

The lioness needs her pack. She doesn’t concern herself with the opinions of sheep.

We need STRONG women. Courageous women. Empowered women. Women who pay attention to the world and are here to CHANGE it.

You can pay attention to what’s happening in the world. You can care about politics and health care and marginalized communities and STILL BE A GOOD MOTHER. You can give your kids the attention they deserve while serving your community. You can care for others AND care for those tiny humans.

I’d argue that you doing the things you love, caring for the things that matter to you, and paying attention to the world around you is good for you AND good for your children.

You’ll raise children who care when you refuse to turn a blind eye to the world around you.

Please keep caring. Please let your strength shine through.

Us strong women? We’re only beginning. 

So here’s what this looks like around here…

If you haven’t already, subscribe to the podcast Reimagining Hustle. It’s a podcast where we talk about the reality of being a parent AND an entrepreneur. We’re reimagining the idea of “hustle” for mom entrepreneurs.

Check out the blog, too. I’ll be posting letters to strong women each week.

And check out Montmarena – it’s a space for women who are discovering their entrepreneurial strength and are looking for mentors and a community to support them.

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