Experimenting With Meditation

The kitchen is my happy place. 

I absolutely love to be in my kitchen. There’s something about overwhelming every one of my senses that is mesmerizing. 

My own coach pointed out to me once that when something is on my mind, I cook. She knows when I post about pies or stuffed mushrooms or a new chicken recipe that change is afoot. 

As I reflected on it I realized she’s spot on. The kitchen is one of my favorite spaces for meditation. I focus on colors and flavors and textures in the moment. I take a bite of whatever is cooking, close my eyes, and experience the flavor with every part of my mouth. I love feeling the motion of the flavors as they work together. 

I get lost in the flavor. 

Since this interesting connection between business and my kitchen was pointed out to me, I’ve found myself using it to my benefit. 

If I need time to think, I head to the kitchen. I find a recipe I’m excited to try – one with lots of flavors and textures – and I get to work. I put whatever is troubling me in the back of my brain and just let it sit there while I meditate in the kitchen. 

The more spices involved, the better. (I’m really good at seasoning food.)

How do you meditate?

Meditation shows up in so many ways at different seasons in our lives. 

Maybe you’re a runner. Maybe the sound of your feet hitting the pavement while you breathe steadily in rhythm with your feet is your type of meditation.

Or maybe you’re more traditional. Maybe you prefer to sit in a quiet space and let your mind go. 

You could be an app-meditator. Perhaps you’ve found the one app that makes meditation easy and effective for you. 

Maybe you meditate as you write. Stream of consciousness writing is a great way to allow your mind to settle. 

Perhaps the kitchen is your meditation space. The sensations and colors of the food on a warm afternoon allow your brain to open up to the idea of meditation. 

Or maybe… just maybe… you’re a little bit of all of these.

I’ll be honest, I meditate using each of these techniques.

Some days it’s only one, while other days I dabble in 3-4 different types of meditation. 

Here’s the cool part: it all works. It all serves you. All types of meditation quiet your mind and allow space to breathe. 

And in those moments of meditation, magic happens. 

You’re finally able to connect the dots on something you’ve been struggling with.

You’re able to overcome a difficult concept. 

You’re able to see a situation with more clarity. 

Or you may even just feel better

Meditation is no joke. 

Here’s my challenge to you: Take ONE minute today and meditate. Sit wherever you’re sitting as you read this, turn off your phone, close your eyes, relax your shoulders, and just breathe. 

It’s a minute just for you. 

Allow yourself a little bit of kindness and breathe intentionally for 60 seconds. 

Set a timer if it helps. 

And see what happens.

If you’re up for a real challenge, try 5 minutes of meditation for 5 days in a row. Write down your experiences. See what comes of it. Don’t go into it with any expectations – just experiment with it. 

And try a few different types of meditation. Because sitting cross-legged while a gong sounds might be your ideal space. Or not. And that’s ok. 

Ready? Go!

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