Strength in Passion | Letters to Strong Women

Dear Demiter,

You are the strongest woman I know.

My entire life you have been THE symbol of strength. When I think of strong women, you are the leader of them all.

You are the reason I see strong women. You are the reason I want to be a strong woman. And you are the reason so many around you have discovered their strength. My mission in life is to continue your legacy. Strong women need strong women, and I’ve always had you.

Your strength lies in so many pieces of your personality. The one that drives them all, though, is the strength that comes from passion.

You embody passion. You breathe, cry, and sweat passion. It shows in everything you do. From the way you cook breakfast to the fire you paint on canvas to the way you defend those you care about – your passion is fierce. 

Your strength – your passion – comes through with every word, every smile, every step.

You have a passion for health. With every breath you care for your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health. With passion and determination you ride for miles and miles. Your passion for health makes you strong. A powerful force unafraid of her strength.

You have a passion for art. You see art and beauty in everything. A sunrise, a child’s art, a single rose. Beauty is everywhere, and you embrace it with your entire being. Your passion for art and creativity makes others around you strong. 

You have a passion for love. You love fiercely. Deeply. You share love so fully that recipients of your love feel it reverberate within them decades later. You love without reservation, without fear. And you encourage those around you to love unconditionally as well.

Your passion is strong. And it is contagious. Everyone who meets you catches the fire of passion. You bring out passion in every single person you come in contact with. 

You inspire me. You inspire those around you. And your inspiration will last for generations.

Your strength comes from your passion for life. For living. And for sharing life with others.

Thank you for your strength. Thank you for your passion. And thank you for sharing it with me in a way that has forever changed me. 

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