Strength in Questioning | Letters to Strong Women

Dear Aria,

Your strength comes in asking questions. So many questions.

When I first met you, I was surprised by your curiosity. You asked questions to discover, asked questions to learn, and asked questions to build bridges.

You wonder. You ask. You question. 

You question everything.

And therein lies your strength. 

Because you’re always curious. You never judge because you’re always seeking to understand more. Learn more. Discover more.

You question everything.

You are willing to challenge your worldview. You’re willing to change your mind.

Do you know how rare that is?

Your strength comes from questioning, learning, and discovering that you might not always be right. You might not always understand. You might not always know.

You question everything.

Your strength comes from your questions.

Your strength comes in questioning everything.

Keep questioning. Keep asking. 

Thank you for inspiring me to ask more. To learn more. To question more. 

You strengthen me as you question me.

And I’m strengthened as I question more.

Thank you for teaching me that there is safety in questioning. Safety in asking. Safety in learning. And safety in changing the things I think I know.

There’s safety in questioning.

And there’s strength in questioning.

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